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Holistic Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in London

The Regenerative Breather

person getting in to hyperbaric chamberOn a daily basis, an average adult consumes 2 kg of food, 1 litre of water, and almost 550 litres of oxygen. At Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy, our hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) works to increase oxygen saturation levels in the body, supporting quicker recovery and optimising your health.

HBOT is a complementary therapy where you sit in a pressurised chamber and breathe oxygen through a sterilised mask. The therapy elevates oxygen levels in the blood, lymph, and various body tissues, providing a range of physiological benefits to enhance general health and well-being, ultimately yielding increased energy levels.

Giving Your Body a Natural Boost

Oxygen is fundamental for every bodily process, from energy production and tissue repair to blood flow, growth, and immune functioning. Extra oxygen is crucial for repairing injuries, healing damaged tissue, and alleviating pain. Every cell in your body relies on oxygen—lots of it!

Imagine having an oxygen supplement that boosts energy levels, expedites recovery, and enhances overall wellness. That’s precisely how HBOT operates. While only about 21% of the air you breathe in during normal respiration is oxygen, with our chamber, you could be inhaling between 93-97% oxygen.

By increasing the quantity of oxygen passing through your lungs into the body, this therapy maximises the energy available to support your brain, heart and liver, and provides remarkable benefits for your entire body.

person in hyperbaric chamber

Sit Back, Relax and Let Your Body Heal

During a session, you’ll be comfortably seated inside a spacious chamber within a high-pressure environment, similar to being in an aeroplane. The pressure prompts your body to utilise plasma, the water element of the blood, to capture extra oxygen and distribute it throughout your entire body.

We use a professional-grade chamber that has a higher output* than home models but maintains safety precautions comparable to hospital-grade chambers. You may need to equalise pressure by yawning or swallowing to alleviate any discomfort in your ears, but you shouldn’t experience any other discomfort during the session. *Pressure up to 2 ATA, equivalent to approximately 10 metres below sea level.

In addition to standalone hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we also offer targeted-HBOT— a combination of HBOT and Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT). This synergistic approach allows us to target the benefits of HBOT to localised tissue by leveraging the high oxygen levels delivered by HBOT and the potent localised effects provided by PBMT.

Preparing for Your Appointment

During your initial consultation, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire and conduct vital tests like blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart rate to ensure that you’re a suitable candidate for this technique. This service is available by appointment only at our Liverpool Street location.

Breathe in the Benefits of HBOT Today

Oxygen nourishes brain cells, soothes nerves, aids muscle contractions, and cleanses the body. Contact us today to book an appointment to enhance your recovery process and naturally improve your health.



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