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About Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy

Harvey Says…

Dr. HarveyHey there! I’m thrilled to share a little about my journey with you. Picture this: a path carved by my passion for health and wellness, winding through the worlds of yoga, fitness, and now, chiropractic care. My name is Harvey, and my adventure started as a yoga teacher, where I honed my expertise in physical rehabilitation and alignment-based asana practice. Watching bodies transform and regain strength ignited a fire within me.

As I delved deeper into the realm of fitness, specialising in kinetic movement science, I began to grasp the incredible potential our bodies hold for healing and growth. It became clear to me that understanding the intricate connection of mind and body was key to fostering vitality. Thus, the thirst for knowledge and the desire to enhance health span pulled me further.

Now, as an experienced chiropractor specialising in integrative medicine, my mission is crystal clear—to blend the wisdom of yoga, the benefits of sensible physical training, and the holistic approach of chiropractic care into a seamless, personalised experience for my patients. For me, it’s all about empowering individuals to live their healthiest, most vibrant lives, and that’s what truly fuels my passion.

Who Feels Especially at Home in Our Practice and Why?

In my practice, I find a unique connection with individuals seeking a more holistic approach to their well-being, where the intricate harmony of mind and body takes centre stage. I warmly welcome those who are drawn to the idea that health is not merely a commodity, but a precious asset worth investing in, a treasure trove that enriches every aspect of life.

At the heart of my practice are those who value natural, holistic healthcare methods. These individuals understand that the human body is an intricate natural engineer that beckons us to respect and nurture it, and that unlocking this potential through gentle, integrative approaches is key to achieving lasting wellness.

Whether you’re dealing with a complex condition or simply aiming to elevate your overall health, my practice provides a nurturing space for your journey.
Working with patient

Providing Personalised Care

It’s a joy to work with those who recognise the profound interconnection between mind, body and environment, appreciating that true healing involves addressing all aspects. Through carefully tailored care, we embark on a voyage towards balance and vitality, nurturing both physical and mental well-being.

Lastly, a special kinship is formed with those who share the vision of elevate their healthspan—an investment in a life well-lived. Together, we prioritise preventive measures and proactive choices to optimise your health for the long run, creating a foundation for a future brimming with vitality and inner stability.

We Can Help

Here are the top four patient complaints we find satisfaction addressing:

  1. Chronic Musculoskeletal Complaints: A significant number of patients come to us with chronic musculoskeletal complaints, seeking relief and long-term management strategies to improve their quality of life while navigating persistent health issues.
  2. Movement Imbalances and Posture Issues: Many individuals approach our practice to address posture issues and movement imbalances, recognising the vital role proper movement and posture play in overall health, seeking guidance for corrective measures and enhancements.
  3. Complex Health Issues: Our patients often seek assistance with complex health challenges that require a comprehensive and integrative approach to address the root causes and provide effective solutions for their well-being.
  4. Struggles with Purpose and Life Balance: We often engage with patients facing a struggle to find purpose and balance in their lives. They seek guidance to create a fulfilling and harmonious life.

Take That First Step towards Abundant Health

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