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Mindfulness Coaching in London

The Awakening Awakening

brain connectionWelcome to Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy, where we invite you to explore the transformative world of mindfulness coaching—a journey towards a mindful, harmonious existence, blending age-old wisdom with the demands of our modern lives. Step into a realm where mental training and self-awareness converge to create a path to living beyond duality.

What Is Mindfulness?

This elevated mental state is a treasure—a moment-to-moment, clear, non-judgmental, and undistracted attention to the contents of your consciousness.

Advantages of Mindfulness through a Non-Dualistic Lens

  • Integration of Wisdom and Modernity: Our approach is a blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices. We marry traditional mindfulness techniques with the challenges and complexities of contemporary living, making it a seamless and relevant practice for today’s mindful seeker.
  • Education and Mental Training: Knowledge is power. We empower you with insights and understanding, educating you on the principles of mindfulness and mental training. Discover the immense potential within your mind and the tools to harness it, enabling you to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace.
  • Deep Awareness of Duality: We start by nurturing a deep understanding of duality, encompassing the interplay of enjoyable and discomforting encounters. Once you recognise these contrasts, you can gradually adopt a non-dual perspective, guiding your transformation from entanglement to liberation on this profound journey.
  • Elevating the Quality of Your Life: Just as physical training is crucial for a healthy body, training the mind is imperative for a fulfilling life. The quality of your mind directly influences the quality of your life, as your thoughts mould how you perceive the world. Our coaching nurtures this understanding, encouraging you to spend time on mental well-being and unlock the door to a more enriched, joyous existence.

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Embarking on a Journey Beyond Duality

In this bustling modern world, finding tranquillity amidst the chaos is a priceless endeavour. Our approach adopts a non-dualistic approach, inviting you to explore the insights of inner harmony while embracing the present moment.

The ultimate goal of this mental training is to achieve true awakening, liberating ourselves from being engulfed by desires, fears and hatred, free from distractions on all sides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can mindfulness coaching help reduce anxiety, fear, pain, and other challenging emotions?

Yes. This is your training ground for honing the ability to keenly observe anything that arises in your consciousness, whether it’s pain, challenging emotions, or fears. Through clear observation, negative feelings lose their power, offering you a path to find equanimity even in the face of life’s toughest challenges.

What’s the goal of mindfulness practice?

The goal isn’t to become a guru of mindfulness. It’s to dissolve the boundary between practice and your daily life. Imagine seamlessly carrying the clarity and freedom experienced in formal mental training into every facet of your existence—relationships, work, traffic jams, or moments of uncertainty like receiving a concerning diagnosis. That’s the true essence—a practice that permeates your life with profound clarity and liberation.

What is non-dualistic meditation?

Non-dualistic meditation is a gateway to an entirely new level of understanding and existence. More than just stress relief, better sleep, or improved focus, it is like a new operating system for your mind. It has the power to shift your perspective, unveiling a deeper understanding of yourself and transforming how you interact with the world.

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