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Foot Function Training in London

The True Stabiliser

Woman touching toesWelcome to Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy’s transformative foot function training, where we elevate health from the foot up! In our holistic practice, we view the body as an interconnected system, understanding that every step we take is a testament to our overall well-being. By focusing on the intricate mechanics of the feet and gait, we unleash a potential for better movement that radiates throughout the body.

Healthy Feet are the Foundation of a Good Posture

Each foot is made up of 3 arches, 26 bones, 33 joints, over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, and houses 7200 nerves, while the sole alone has 200,000 nerve endings, all of which work together to provide support, balance and agility.

Our foot function training allows these incredible mechanics to function smoothly. We blend the art and science of physical training, employing a synergistic mix of movement assessments, biomechanics analysis, and gait evaluations. This in-depth understanding guides our personalised corrective strategies, ensuring a tailored plan for each individual.

We believe in a proactive approach, harnessing the power of toe spacers, appropriate footwear and, when necessary, custom foot orthotics to optimise foot function and overall mobility.

foot functions assessment

Better Health From the Foot Up

Unlock the potential of a healthier stride with our transformative foot function training programmes. Here’s why investing in foot function training is a crucial step towards holistic well-being:

  1. Embrace foot flexibility: Imagine your feet moving freely and naturally, unrestricted by shoe-shaped shoes. Our foot training programmes focus on enhancing foot flexibility, promoting a level of comfort that transcends the ordinary. This newfound flexibility not only feels liberating but also engages your muscles and improves joint mobility. Experience the joy of enhanced foot health as you allow your feet to move in their most natural state.
  2. Honour your unique foot contours: Your feet are remarkable in their design, and our training programmes encourage you to embrace these natural contours. Through unrestricted movement, proper alignment, and optimal toe splay, we guide you in supporting your foot’s innate mechanics. By honouring the shape of your foot, you unlock a world of stability and comfort, stepping confidently on a path that aligns with your body’s natural motion.
  3. Reduce stress with a balanced stride: In the hustle of daily life, our foot joints endure immense stress. Our training programmes equip you with the knowledge to reduce this stress and encourage a more balanced stride. By understanding the importance of a flat profile and minimising elevation differences between the heel and toe, you enable your body to maintain a neutral posture. This, in turn, fosters superior alignment from head to toe, granting you the ability to move and run with grace, stability, and an efficient, natural gait.

Put Your Best Foot Forward Today

Join us on this journey, and let’s walk towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Contact us today to book your appointment.



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