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Foot Functions Corrective Therapy in London

foot function assessmentYour feet and ankles are the foundation of the entire skeletal system. At Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy, we offer foot function corrective therapy to help restore your musculoskeletal system and set you up for whole-body health.

Investing in Your Health Foundation

Your foot contains 26 bones, more than almost any other part of your body. They affect nearly everything you do, from standing and walking to making even simple movements. Prioritising your foot health is essential to gain maximum mobility, flexibility, and strength. Feet have an intricate mechanism that cushions our steps and adapts to uneven surfaces. They provide traction for locomotion, joint position awareness for balance, and leverage for movement.

Hard surfaces and improper footwear, however, set most of us up for chronic problems. Foot dysfunction leads to ongoing injuries throughout the body, preventing you from staying active.

Correcting the Source of Structural Issues

Failure of the feet to perform shock absorption, act as rigid lever, a sensory organ, and provide a base of support often leads to injurious movement patterns. Our Therapeutic training programme stimulates the muscles, tendons and balance organ of the feet. Building healthy feet helps to lower the risk of injury and enhances performance during day-to-day, recreational or professional activities.

Harvey Young can prescribe orthotics when necessary. However, we prefer to resolve the core problems leading to foot dysfunction so you understand how to maintain good health long term. He’ll teach you targeted exercises, stretches, mobility training, strength training, and self-massage techniques specific to the lower extremities. Harvey can also guide you on how to correctly adapt to foot-shaped shoes to improve functioning everywhere from your legs and hips up through your back and shoulders.

foot functions assessment

Preventative Wellness to Help You Stay Active

We recommend this service for anyone wearing normal shoes, even if you aren’t actively experiencing pain. If you focus on exercising the “mirror muscles” like your chest or abs while ignoring the muscles in the feet, unaddressed structural issues can compound over time, leading to pain and problems elsewhere in the body. A wellness approach to healthcare corrects issues before they start so you’re set up for long-term success.

Building a Plan of Care Around You

We often combine different modalities, personalising care to your needs. The Activator Method® has a detailed foot and ankle protocol to restore joints to proper positioning. We may also use laser therapy to supplement healing, especially if you have plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuroma in the toes, tight calves, knock knees, or abnormal foot structure.

Step Into Holistic Health Today

We work with your whole body so you can reap the wellness benefits from head to toe. Book your first visit now.

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