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Help your entire body to heal naturally and move correctly

with our holistic, thorough & reliable approach.  
Harvey Young, your Chiropractor, Posture & Physical Therapy specialist in Central London 

Doctor of Chiropractic Harvey Young examinates one of his patients

Improving Lives

At Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy, everything we do is meticulous, attentive and holistic. Our process starts by building a relationship with you. We will take time to listen to you, and then perform a focused examination to determine if you're a candidate for chiropractic care and/or posture training. Visit by visit, we'll build a strong and sustainable foundation for your physical body and work toward achieving your health goals.

World-Class Expertise

We believe in a holistic approach. This is the practice of understanding that each part of the body cannot and does not function independently and that no area works in isolation. An example of this is treating someone with back/neck pain by looking at how their hips, shoulders, pelvis, knees, ankles and entire body are functioning (or not functioning), and therefore contributing to their symptoms


Chiropractic spinal examination by Harvey Young DC

Our Patients Say

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“Harvey Young is a phenomenal chiropractor and healer! Over the 12 sessions that we worked together, I not only felt immense relief for my back and neck, but he actually helped restructure the way I walk, my jaw, and helped reset some cranial bones that had been affected due to a TBI in 2021. He is as kind and caring as he is intelligent, and it was nothing short of a BLESSING to be in his care. If I lived in London, I would continue the treatments. Thank you, Harvey and all the best to you and your patients…"

Beth H

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