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Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy Client Stories

speech bubble that says thank youWhat Our London Patients Say

At Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after receiving care. Please read our client stories below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Harvey listened to me and really understood my issue – felt much better after treatment – excellent practitioner.

- Jason E.

I’d highly recommend Harvey. He’s very knowledgeable and an overall lovely person. I’ve already noticed a positive change after 2 appointments and feel very hopeful about what I can achieve going forward with Harvey.

- Cecily S.

Thorough and well planned experience from initial consultation through to treatment. Very pleased with the outcome so far.

- Dianna H.

I have had chronic neck pain for about 15 years and seen many osteopaths, chiropractic practitioners and other sorts of body workers over the years that have helped in managing when the pain is acute but after some time the pain will come back. I feel the work that I have done with Harvey Young has given me so much more to be able to be better in touch with my body and posture in a way that helps with long-lasting management not just of the pain but of the root issues that were causing flare-ups. Highly recommended!

- Craig N.

Harvey provides exceptional service. He immediately identified some underlying issues with my posture and muscle function and followed up with a personalised treatment plan. He is considerate and explains clearly each step of the treatment. Very supportive and encouraging. Shortly after starting the treatment, my posture improved and got rid of the discomfort and pain around my back and hips. I have only words of praise for his professionalism and cannot recommend him highly enough.

- Clara L.

Harvey Young is a phenomenal chiropractor and healer! Over the 12 sessions that we worked together, I not only felt immense relief for my back and neck, but he actually helped restructure the way I walk, my jaw, and helped reset some cranial bones that had been affected due to a TBI in 2021. He is as kind and caring as he is intelligent, and it was nothing short of a blessing to be in his care. If I lived in London, I would continue the treatments. Thank you, Harvey and all the best to you and your patients.

- Beth H.

Harvey was very highly recommended by a doctor – for good reason. His skill and ability is exceptional. He has been able to identify and address underlying problems, bringing results that one would not have thought possible.

- Dan L.

Harvey is extremely knowledgable as a chiropractor, taking a holistic approach in his treatment to return the body to its correct alignment. I saw Harvey after neglecting a neck injury for many years that was causing me pain and a limited range of motion in my upper back. Through adjustments, laser therapy, vibration therapy and exercises he has restored function and strength to my back. By treating me for long-term results with movement retraining and tension release the adjustments Harvey made are here to stay. I am so glad I reached out to Harvey when I did and I am lucky to have his contact and continued support. If you are looking for an excellent chiropractor, look no further!

- Seb M.

I have to say Harvey Young has been fantastic from outset. Arriving with hip, back and neck mobility issues which had impacting everyday activities including walking. Harvey Young quickly identified the problem, the corrective action and developed the required recovery plan to get back to full health. I’ve called him the “Magic Man” and that is truly who he is! A true professional, very knowledgeable, whilst having a deep care for his clients. Thank you.

- Gary B.


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