New Patients

Our friendly front of house tream welcoming a new guest to our clinic

To make the most of your first appointment, we ask you to please fill in two electronic patient forms and pay a deposit* before your visit.

*A £30 deposit is required for all single sessions at the time of scheduling to confirm and hold your appointment. The fee will be applied to your balance due at the end of your appointment.

The first visit

When you enter our practice, you’ll be greeted by our friendly front-of-house (FOH) team and invited to the waiting area. Please make sure you arrive no more than 10 minutes before your appointment time.

You’ll then meet your holistic practitioner, Harvey Young D.C., for a thorough consultation to discuss your concerns, symptoms, lifestyle and treatment goals. He will take a detailed case history and carry out a comprehensive physical examination of you, this will help him to establish a working diagnosis for your issue and to reach a view about the best course of care for you.

Before you agree to go ahead with the recommended treatment, he will explain it to you, along with any risks associated with the treatment (including any side effects that you might experience). If your problem is suitable for our care, you will get your first holistic chiropractic treatment immediately.

Please allow up to 60 minutes for this appointment.

Cutting-edge chiropractic care treatment equipments
One of our well-maintaned and inviting chiropractic treatment rooms

Procedure for Claiming on Health Insurance


To keep our charges down, we will not invoice direct to health insurers, as the administrative fee would be passed onto the patient. Patients who wish to claim from their health insurer need to pay personally for their care and claim it back. We will issue you with receipts as necessary.

Don’t Forget

Before starting care you must have your insurer’s approval and a claim reference number. Contact your insurers and ask the following questions.

  1. Does your policy allow for chiropractic care with your chosen GCC registered practitioner?

  2. Do you need a referral from either your GP or Consultant before starting care?

  3. Is there a financial limit or restriction on the number of visits you can have?

  4. You need to advise them that we do not invoice and you will be claiming back personally.

Important to Remember

Insurers may not reimburse you for any care given before the date you notify them or get approval for care. Please do not ask us to provide invoices or records that may compromise our integrity. Some insurers do not cover the full cost of our fees and you will be responsible for any outstanding payment.