Posture Training

Personal posture training with our posture specialist and corrective exercise expert Harvey Young

posture training

Prolonged postural stress, functional misalignment, and past injuries affect your movement patterns over time, these abnormalities gradually lead many muscles, including body tissues, to become tight and overused, and other parts to be weakened and rarely used. When your right side starts to move differently to your left side, everything from your movement to your strength, flexibility, mobility and stability is affected.

To facilitate recovery and achieve optimal results, we offer functional posture training and corrective exercise programmes in conjunction with our chiropractic care. This enables you to relax compensation and restore function in your dysfunctional joints. 

For the future of
neuro- control & musculoskeletal healthcare

Just like the specific spinal adjustments, a posture rehabilitation / corrective exercise programme is complex and should be managed by professionals. Put very simply,  chiropractic adjustment is like piano tuning, and our Chiro-Lead posture training programme is like guiding you how to play the piano correctly.

Postural Balance is one of the key factors for optimal health and wellness. It is also an excellent supplement to a fitness routine or other therapies because it enables us to use a structured approach to guide you, your joints, muscles and nervous control system on how to function as a single unit.


One of our cilents enjoying her posture correction session with our posture specialist Harvey Young
Our cilents receive guidance about quality movement and correct exercise

Not a “tick box”

When people receive the right guidance about quality movement and correct exercise, it can be life-changing. However, too often people view exercise as just about doing the action rather than feeling the effect.

Achieving optimal results requires more than just doing random exercises when it’s convenient. Our founder, Harvey Young D.C., will guide you to understand what exercises are good for you, how to do them with a high level of awareness and to practice patiently while following the personalised recovery process.