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What is Functional Toe Separators?

Comparison between barefoot and foot with Toe Separator

Functional Toe Separators allow your toes to retain their natural position. If you've worn ordinary shoes for 5+ years then likely your feet are looking a little "shoe shaped". This can be reversed!

Functional Toe Separators are suitable for almost everyone and will improve your individual dysfunction dramatically. Wearing them correctly and over time will help bunions, tailors bunion, hammer toes, improve foot & ankle function and much more. Toe separators are a great addition to exercise, correct shoes & increasing activity.

About this product:

The Toe Separator Kit comes equipped with three pairs, each with different hardness, so you can carefully progress over time, and can change the hardness depending on the activity you are engaged in. The included online workshop allows you to prepare for The Toe Separators through exercises. You will be guided through exercises to perform before using your Toe Separators, how to use them, adjust & even modify them if need be. You will be presented with a programme based on your particular foot type also.

*Please note; the carry case & workshop is only included when purchasing the whole kit & not single Toe Separators.

What will I get?

  • 1 pair Functional Toe Separator set for initial use

  • 1 pair Functional Toe Separator set for the next stage of wearing

  • 1 pair Functional Toe Separator set for the final stage of wearing

  • Carry case & instruction card (not in product photos)

  • Three months access to The Toe Separator workshop

  • Access to our instructors & fellow wearers through a chat room

One size fits all:

You can wear the Toe Separators further to the end of the toes or nearer to the joint. This is depending on how the Toe Separators feel for you & your desired fit. Making these small adjustments may spread the toes more or less, play around with these positions to see which works best for you.

The correct position of the Toe Separators or making simple modifications allows it to be used on almost every foot. We show how these modifications are within "receiving your Toe Separators" section. Please note, any modifications will result in the 3-month warranty becoming void.

We will outline how these should be worn to get the most out of this product. We understand that no one foot is like another so we will cover in great detail the most common cases we see in bunion & tailors bunion. Please note that modifying your new separators may be an option as you progress, all of which we cover during the Toe Separator workshop.

"Changes in your foot function are not always visible & it will take time. Be patient, it'll all be worth it."

Purchase method:

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*Use coupon code HARVEYYOUNGAHT at checkout for 10% off.

Material use & hardness index:

Toe Spacer 1: Material - SEBS, Hardness - Ultra soft (Red)

Toe Spacer 2: Material - SEBS, Hardness - Medium (Purple)

Toe Spacer 3: Material - SEBS, Hardness - Hard (Black) Carry Case: 100% recycled cotton with metal zip Styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene, also known as SEBS, is an important thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which behaves like rubber without undergoing vulcanization. SEBS is strong and flexible, has excellent heat and UV resistance and is non-toxic and safe for skin contact.

Depending on your foot type, there are several considerations to make when using the functional toe separators. Use the images below to identify your foot type and then learn how to best use the toe separators based on this information in the online workshop.

Five different types of foot shape

*Disclaimer: There may be small defects on the actual product but none of which will affect the actual use of the product. These are cosmetic based such as small lines on the surface of the product. We had a choice whether to throw away this product based on these small defects or to sell them & informing you, the customers. Based on the environmental impact alone, we believe we have made the right choice. If you would like to wait for the Toe Separators 2.0, we will be launching this product in winter 2022 with an approximate 25% increase in price.

Our qualified and licensed expertise makes your journey to nervous system and musculoskeletal healthcare a reassuring one.

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