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Mind-Body Movement Therapy in London

physio patient doing exerciseAt Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy, we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to help you recover and reach maximum physical health. In addition to our exceptional chiropractic services, we also offer Mind-Body Movement Therapy to help you rehabilitate from injury.

Dysfunctional compensation patterns fail to stabilise the body, thus overloading structures and causing tissue damage. Mind-Body movement therapy trains your moment-to-moment awareness to aid in transforming perception and relationships to pain, and to correct compensatory movement patterns. In addition to pain-specific effects, mindfulness has demonstrated benefits for alleviating depression, anxiety and insomnia which are common comorbidities of pain.

By training your body to move and function properly, you can stay out of pain and feel better than you thought possible long-term.

Helping Your Whole Body Heal

When many patients think of physical therapy, they picture doing spot exercises to work on one affected area, like shoulder exercises and stretches. The body doesn’t work that way, however. All your muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons work together as one complete system.

In every movement you make, the shoulder coordinates with the opposite hip, and the front of your body works together with the back of your body. Traditional attempts to fix isolated areas through surgery and targeted exercises often lead to pain coming back a few months or years later.

Harvey and physio patient

Personalised Care for You

Harvey Young takes a whole-body approach to physical therapy. He starts by analysing how your entire body works through basic movements. He will then build a personalised rehabilitation plan that goes far beyond a simple workout to include specialised work targeted to your needs.

Instead of relying on fitness equipment, Harvey Young builds an exceptional rehabilitation program using nothing more than your body, the floor, and a few basic props like a chair and some yoga blocks. He keeps it simple, so that all you need is to show up in loose, comfortable clothes. We have everything else you need to get over the pain cycle once and for all and to make a full recovery.

We recommend Mind-Body Movement Therapy for many of our patients, even if you’re just starting with one or two exercises. It’s often a good idea to teach your body to move correctly, so you’re getting the full benefit out of care.

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