Harvey Young Chiropractor in Soho London

Harvey Young, D.C. Mchiro (Hons)

Specialist in Neuro-MusculoSkeletal & Functional Posture well-being.

Meet the founder

Harvey is an advanced proficiency rated chiropractor, one of the few practitioners in the UK / Europe qualified and registered as Doctor of Chiropractic in addition to Activator Methods specialist. He also has qualifications in Personal Training, Rehabilitation Yoga and Group Fitness Programmes. With over 20 years working for gyms, health clubs, yoga studios and private clinics, he has travelled the globe delivering world-class holistic treatment, physical training and posture therapy. 

His treatment focuses on normalising posture imbalance, correcting weight-bearing distortions, reducing neuroarticular dysfunction, restoring muscle balance, improving the quality of physical movement and providing symptomatic relief of muscles, bones, joints and nerve-related pain.

Outside of work, Harvey enjoys spending time on personal development and engaging in activities, however small, to bring positive changes to the world. 

General Chiropractic Council registered chiropractor
Activator Methods Advanced Proficiency Chiropractor Qualification
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We help you achieving long-lasting progressive results. We show you both short and long-term plan of action including pain relief, posture correction and functional health. 

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