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What to expect at your initial consultation appointment?

Ahead of your consultation appointment, you'll receive an email to complete our New Patient Intake Form and Consent Form - you must complete these documents before your first visit, it provides valuable background information about you and your symptoms. 


The first face to face session with Harvey, which will typically last 45 minutes to an hour, he will take a detailed case history and carry out a comprehensive physical examination of you. This will help him to establish a working diagnosis for your condition and to reach a view about the best course of care for you.


Before you agree to go ahead with the recommended treatment, he will explain it to you, along with any risks associated with the treatment (including any side effects that you might experience).

If Harvey does not think he can help improve your problem(s), or he has concerns about any serious health conditions, he will tell you and may suggest a referral to another healthcare professional, for example, a GP.

What do I need to know before treatment starts?

Before your treatment starts, Harvey will explain to you what he found during your consultation, how he proposes to treat you and the benefits and any risks associated with your condition and proposed treatment.

You should take the opportunity to ask him any questions you may have and ask for further explanation if anything is unclear.


Before starting any treatment, you will need to give your permission (consent) to Harvey. An agreement should also be reached about the cost of your treatment plan. There is no requirement to inform your GP that you are seeing a chiropractor, but we will support you if you wish to.

Will the treatment hurt?

Treatment is usually painless unless an area is swollen. If this is the case, Harvey will alter the treatment you receive. You will not hear a cracking or popping noise – this is perfectly normal with his chiropractic treatment.

Some patients also report temporary aches and mild pains during and after treatment. Again, this is nothing to worry about and is perfectly normal.

Does treatment involve getting undressed?

Generally, people keep their clothes on during treatment, but sometimes it may be necessary to remove some items of clothing. If that is the case, you will be informed of this. If you are not comfortable undressing, you should explain this to Harvey before your first treatment – he can then advise you on suitable clothing to wear to the clinic to enable him to examine and treat you.

I’m not sure if the treatment can help my condition - what should I do?

If you’re unsure whether Harvey can help your condition, you may wish to arrange a free, no-obligation telephone consultation (up to 15 mins). This will enable Harvey to establish whether his services can help your problems.

If you go ahead and book a private consultation, during the first consultation Harvey will assess your case before explaining treatment recommendations. You don’t have to agree to the treatment Harvey recommends then and there - if you are not happy to go ahead or if you want more time to reach a decision, just say so.

Will I have to sign up for several sessions or a treatment plan?

Chiropractic care is not a single medical procedure, so typically Harvey will devise an initial short-term care plan. The number and frequency of appointments required will vary from patient to patient. Your improvement will be monitored very carefully on a treatment by treatment basis to ensure that the care you are receiving is appropriate for you and that you are making progress. 

Although for most common problems you can expect to see improvements within a few weeks of starting the treatment, patients who have complex conditions, or whose work means their condition is likely to recur, or who have very long-term problems, may require a longer-term care plan.

You can decide to stop treatment at any time you like. You will not be expected to pay for treatments you have not received.

Will I need to have x-rays / scans?

In most cases of non-traumatic musculoskeletal pain, a scan is not needed. There are also strict guidelines in place about taking x-rays / medical imaging. Harvey only recommends it if there is a genuine valid clinical reason for doing so.

What if the treatment doesn’t seem to help?

At the start of your care, Harvey should have told you what improvements he hopes to achieve and when these might happen. He will monitor your progress at each visit.

If you do not experience the expected improvements, Harvey will reassess you, so that he can decide whether to change the treatment approach, or whether you should be referred for further investigation, co-managed or treated by a different healthcare professional. If Harvey thinks you may need to see another healthcare professional he will ask for your consent to refer you, and to communicate with that healthcare professional about your treatment.


Will I be able to take time to consider whether or not to have further sessions or treatment?

Absolutely! Harvey's practice ethos is to deliver his recommended course of care to you, but it is your decision whether or not to accept his treatment recommendations. Your consent is needed for any treatment to take place, and you should know and understand what you are consenting to.

How can I be sure the treatment is safe?

Harvey is a registered chiropractor with an additional qualification as an Activator Methods specialist. Chiropractic treatment is generally very safe when performed correctly by a registered chiropractor.


The Activator Methods is an advanced form of chiropractic care. This mechanical manipulation approach offers patients a safe, thorough, effective and precise alternative to the more traditional ‘spine cracking and bone crunching’ manual techniques in chiropractic care. Some common side effects, such as mild aches and pains, stiffness and tiredness can occur but these side effects generally pass in a few days. More serious side effects are extremely rare. 

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that may increase certain risks, it is important that you give Harvey accurate information about your medical history. He is obliged to treat anything you tell him as confidential, in the same way a doctor is.

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Do you often feel unsure about how to manage your pain? 


Are you experiencing fewer symptoms when exercising and more symptoms when resting? 


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Our holistic approach can help you too


Activator Methods Research

The Activator Methods has been providing chiropractic care, resources and training since 1967.


Founded on the principles of clinical research, the Activator Methods is one of the most extensively studied technique systems of chiropractic care and the only instrument adjusting technique with 23 clinical trials, over 55 years of clinical experience and more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific research articles to support its efficacy.


This research page is a free resource that provides access to a searchable database of the Activator Methods citations and abstracts. 

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