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Clinic Privacy Policy

24-hour notice policy – Rescheduling Appointments

Please be aware that we require a full 24-hour notice should you be unable to attend an appointment, otherwise you may be subject to a late cancellation fee. Our chiropractor diaries are regularly fully booked, by giving us adequate notice you offer the opportunity for another client to take your appointment time who may otherwise have been turned away.

Informed Consent for Examination and Treatment

We require consent before we can commence consultation, examination, x-rays and ongoing treatment. The minimal risks associated with treatment will be explained before any treatment is given. We endeavour to provide all our clients with as much information about themselves and their bodies, their care options, chiropractic, health and wellness and are always happy to answer any questions. We make every effort to ensure that we communicate effectively, but please make sure you ask us if you are uncertain of anything or would like any further information. You must make us aware of any factors that could affect your treatment or our diagnosis. By undertaking any treatment with us you acknowledge that you give us your consent to do so.


Occasionally we may refer you to a third party for further examination, imaging or treatment. We will send a referral letter to that third party and you will be responsible for arranging your appointment with them. You will be bound by the terms and conditions of that third party and we undertake no liability with respect to that third party.

Health Insurance

Patients who wish to claim from their health insurer need to pay personally for their care and claim it back. We will issue you with receipts as necessary. Insurers may not reimburse you for any care given before the date you notify them or get approval for care. Please do not ask us to provide invoices or records that may compromise our integrity. Some insurers do not cover the full cost of our fees and you will be responsible for any outstanding payment.

All responsibility for ensuring you will be reimbursed for any/all goods and services provided lies strictly with the client and under no circumstances will the clinic or individual practitioner be held liable for a client failing in their due diligence to ensure they are covered/will be reimbursed for any/all services provided. (This includes different treatment types, physical rehabilitation, recommendations, and 3D motion biomechanical analysis) If you have any queries regarding your entitlements to being reimbursed for these services, please contact your insurer directly for clarification before proceeding as we will not reimburse clients for the services provided in the event their insurance does not cover this. By undertaking any consultation/examination/treatment you agree to be bound by these terms.

Our Liability

We do not accept liability for loss of, or damage to, patients’ possessions while on our premises. We do not accept liability for death or personal injury unless proven to have been caused by the negligent act or omission of Harvey Young. Your statutory rights are not affected. 

How we use your information

When you are a client at Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy and you have physically visited one of our clinics, by doing so you have provided consent for us to process your information. This consent is our legal basis for processing. We have a legitimate cause to contact you for reasons such as sharing confidential medical information, reminding you about upcoming appointments, requests for feedback, keeping you up-to-date with relevant news and information about your chosen clinic or providing relevant health-promoting information.


We are bound by the General Chiropractic Council regarding sharing your information with other medical or relevant health professionals. Essentially we need your written consent before we can share records, notes, x-rays or personal information.

Your Initial Consultation

We require your full name, address and date of birth so that we can identify your medical records correctly (as these are legal documents) and also identify you correctly in any necessary correspondence with third parties that you authorise. Should your name (eg. marriage) or address change, it is important that you let us know so that we can ensure your records are updated. We request your email address and telephone number(s) to contact you regarding your appointments, with appointment reminders, or relating to your treatment at Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy. Should these details change, it is important that you let us know so that we can ensure your records are updated. You are not obliged to provide your email address or telephone contact details. And if, subsequently, you would like us to remove your email address and telephone number(s) from our database, let us know, and we shall do so within 30 working days. 

Please note that, without this information, we would be unable to contact you should we need to inform you of a change to your appointment if your practitioner is unavailable to see you, or we would be unable to send an email appointment reminder. If you choose not to receive an appointment email reminder, and you miss your appointment, you will be charged the full fee, for the missed appointment.

Your Medical Records

We are legally required to record essential clinical information that we take from you during your initial consultation and each subsequent appointment to enable us to make an accurate diagnosis of your problem(s) and formulate an appropriate treatment and management plan. These records are held on our chosen medical practice software called Cliniko, and you may request a copy at any time. Cliniko is password protected and held on a secure server, accessible only to the practitioner at Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy. We aim to provide you with a copy within 30 working days of your request. There is no charge for a copy of these records. 

Your medical records, and any correspondence such as referral letters and reports based on their contents, are not shared with or passed on to any third parties, except for other healthcare professionals such as your GP or consultant; or another chiropractor in the event you relocate; if ownership of this practice passes to another medical practitioner; your insurance company or legal representatives in the case of a medicolegal investigation. We would not do so without your consent. Statutory minimum storage times for medical records and associated correspondence are 8 years after the last appointment date or 25 years of age if under 18 at the time of the last treatment. 

For further information regarding the storage and processing of your data, or if you feel that there is an error in the data we hold, or if you would like us to remove your contact details from our database, please contact Harvey Young on 020 7193 6272 or via

Harvey Young Advanced Holistic Therapy is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, registration number ZB249200. 

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